Blog (personally, a BIG favorite .org)  recently released their first Video Annual Report and it's AWESOME!!  It's such a great, and low-cost idea for producing a compelling story of an organization's successes.

One of the things I enjoy about working with CivicActions is the commitment to quality, and one of the best tools in our quality assurance arsenal is the Dev QA Live release process f

The 3rd Annual CLASSY Awards is the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country, recognizing outstanding philanthropic

Innovation often does not look like a brand new technology, but like a smart new combination of existing technologies.

When my colleague Malcolm van Delst published a blog post called "What the Frack is Bitcoin and Can I Use it with Drupal?", my first thought was, "Oh cool, I l

First thing is a bit of a housekeeping point: when running through the giveaways yesterday, I forgot to mention that attendees also got a Verizon

Recently I worked with Grantmakers In The Arts, a national association of private and public funders making grants to artists and arts, to provide training on how they can get the most out of their

A popular t-shirt expressing a popular sentiment


Google I/O is always a fun conference to attend. Of course, there’s always the awesome giveaways for attendees. This year, the big gift was a Galaxy 10.1 tablet, customized with a distinctive Android pattern on the back. There was also, if you went to the right sessions, an Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK), to use your Android phone as an Arduino controller, and a Sony Xperia play phone. Rumor has it that tomorrow, they will be handing out another phone. [UPDATE: no phone, but a Chromebook, Jun. 15th!] (Last year’s early bird attendees got both an Evo and a Nexus phone, while regular attendees got just the Nexus.)

Then of course, there’s always the announcements of hot new software and hardware Google’s been working on. I went to the sessions on Android Based Businesses, Google Chrome Frame and Google Web Fonts. (It was a slow day because I slept in – hey, we arrived late and our hotel, The Petite Auberge, as wonderfully quaint and charming as it is, was plagued by the sounds of  trucks unloading at about 5 or 6 am.)