Those looking to connect with fellow civic-minded Drupalistas at this year’s DrupalCon in Los Angeles need not look further than the Civic Lounge!

We’ve joined up with fellow civic-focused companies DrupalSquad, Albatross Digital, and NuCivic to bring the Civic Lounge booth, as well as a happy hour to DrupalCon LA. Stop by and see us at the Civic Lounge in the exhibit hall (booths 510, 512, 514, 516), and register for our happy hour.

Those looking to follow a more civic-centric session path at DrupalCon, should consider the following sessions and birds of a feather events:

Tuesday, May 12

  • Government Drupal / Drupal4Gov (BOF)
  • Docker strategies and hands-on use of Bowline (BOF)
  • DKAN Demo #1 at the Civic Lounge (RSVP here)
  • Inside Los Angeles’ Move to Drupal (Session)
  • DKAN: Doing (Open) Data with Drupal (BOF)

Wednesday, May 13

  • DKAN Demo #2 (RSVP here)
  • Drupal for OpenSaaS: the best of open source, best of software as a service (BOF)
  • Civic Lounge Happy Hour (RSVP here)

Thursday, May 14

  • DKAN Demo #3 (RSVP here)
  • Open (Session)
  • Working Session for Govies (BOF)
  • Drupal and FISMA Compliance (BOF)

Join the Civic Lounge WhatsApp channel to stay in touch with fellow civic-focused DrupalCon LA attendees. Text: 970-779-7674