Tutorial & Code: Developing Apps For iPhone/iPad/Android Using Drupal As Base System

Last week I posted some initial resources related to my DrupalCon San Francisco session Developing Apps for iPhone/iPad/Android using drupal as Base System.

Here is what you need to connect your Drupal site to Titanium App:

For this tutorial I have installed services API and modified version of json_server module over http://drupalcon.tut2tech.com/ so that my json server call URL is:

Note: I am not using any authentication method for this tutorial.

Code to connect Titanium with Drupal and making a call for “pages_list” view will be:

This same code is used in demo application attached to this blog, please download and follow instructions as per above video – you need to replace resources folder of your newly created application with one attached to this blog.
Reason why I modified json_server module’s code is also described in video.

Other useful links/code:

  • JS SHA256 Library This could be useful with key authentication method (in Services API core)
  • Javascript function to create a XMLRPC request:
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