Top 5 Resources for Agile/Scrum Development

As support for our panel session at DrupalCon Chicago on the topic of Lessons Learned from Agile Applied, and for all those who were not able to attend DrupalCon this time around, we have compiled our list of the top 5 resources to support Agile/Scrum development.

  1. Scrum Alliance – a not-for-profit professional membership organization created to
    share the Scrum framework and transform the world of work. The Scrum Alliance’s mission is to increase awareness and
    understanding of Scrum, provide resources to individuals and
    organizations using Scrum, and promote the iterative improvement
    necessary to succeed with Scrum. The Scrum Alliance hosts Scrum
    Gatherings and supports Scrum User Groups, providing a forum for
    interactive learning throughout the world.
  2. How to Lead a Self-Managing Team – MIT Sloan School of Management white paper by Vanessa Urch Druskat and Jane V. Wheeler on best practices in the type of management that supports effective scrum teams. One of the cornerstones of effective Agile teams is that they are self-managing. Understanding how to manage people who are empowered to manage their own work is critical.
  3. User Groups – like Drupal User Groups (or as part of the conversation at existing DUGs), user groups provide local and in-person opportunities for education, cross-pollination of ideas, and connection. Have the conversations where you are, or find a local group to meet up with.
  4. Scrum et al. – A video by one of Scrum’s founders, Ken Schwaber, which provides an excellent overview of how it feels to work this way and its real-world benefits. The talk actually begins at 1:55. Ken describes Scrum as “the best ideas of a lot of people who work in our field” put together.
  5. Agile Coach Journal – We like what Roger Brown has to say, and find that his topics apply to a lot of the challenges we specifically face in keeping Agile applied. He reminds us that the solution to most of the common challenges are in the process itself if you sink deeper into it. He helpfully comes from an Engineering/coding background.

Let us know what you think of these, and if you have any to add, please do so in the comments.

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