In May of last year, I wrote a blog entry called "Defending Paris" wherein I expressed compassion for her being locked up. I later wrote that I'd hoped that she'd see the light, have some kind of conversion experience and start speaking truth to power. (You could say I'm a dreamer...)

Well, today, Paris comes through - kinda. It's clearly a spoof and she definitely rehearsed the lines someone else wrote for her, but OMG - this was Hil-ARIOUS. But she responds to the McCain ad which tried to throw some mud on Obama's "celebrity" status. A ridiculous line of attack given McCain's own penchant for celebritizing.

(some strong language might not be suitable for a mindful workplace, not to mention, y'know... Paris in a swimsuit) (after the jump...)

It's fascinating in this instance to see celebrity wielded as a kind of 3rd party. Typically in presidential campaigns, celebrities take sides and endorse a particular candidate. Today, Hilton announces her "candidacy" and while responding to McCain's celebrity ad last week leaves some deep gouges on the image the McCain McCamp is trying so hard to get a handle on - he's old. And one of the current splashes from the fountain of youth got him good.

Hilton, in yet another exercise of media manipulation (and one particularly suited for the Interwebs), is poised to steal the spotlight (albeit temporarily, let's hope) from not only McCain, but "that other guy" as well and perhaps inadvertently make a serious political point int he process. At the very least, this has GOT to catch the McCampaign totally off guard. One of the most popular masters of image management deftly paints a cruel picture of the would-be McMaverick. Hell hath no fury, dude.

It took her (or more likely Will Farrel, the creative juice behind the hosting site) a few days to write, edit and produce an "ad" responding to McCain's idiotic smear tactic. Baby got backfired.

There are three very poignant aspects about this piece of viral media for me (getting beyond the fact that Paris "Look At Me" Hilton" was talking).

  1. The web is the new Commons. Set up your soap box, make your point. Anyone. This freedom of speech must be preserved by maintaining a Neutral Network.
  2. McCain IS a wrinkly man from "the olden days" - his campaign wreaks of mothballs, stereotypes and stuck thinking. "Dr. No..." puh-leaze.
  3. Solving the energy problem IS going to require compromise. Even though I know "limited drilling with strict environmental oversight" isn't going to make ANY difference in the price of oil (only the dividends of Big Oil stocks) - I do know that intractable positions require compromise to move forward. It's a framing (compromise) that's been sorely missing in our political discourse.

It just seems odd to be coming out of the prissy mouth of Paris Hilton.