The Agile NonProfit: A Quick Start Guide to Iterative Web Development

CivicActions is very pleased to announce the release of The Agile NonProfit: A Quick Start Guide to Iterative Web Development today. The Guide is a concise and illustrated explanation of the Agile/Scrum web development framework that anyone can quickly read and “get” Agile.

Agile development is a project management framework that delivers continuous value in iterative week-long or month-long cycles called “sprints.” We’ve been using the Agile philosophy since we served our first client seven years ago and have learned quite a lot about the benefits and challenges of using this framework. We’ve distilled our hard-won wisdom into a downloadable PDF and we really hope you find this useful.

This Quick Start Guide was authored by Jenn Sramek, our Director of Operations and a Certified ScrumMaster. Jenn brings a uniquely informed view of Agile web development for nonprofits. In addition to leading Amnesty International’s migration to an Agile, Jenn has managed CivicActions’ project management and client services group for the last four years. She’s also is an award-winning nonprofit program manager and currently serves as the President of the Board of the Haight-Ashbury Food Program. Jenn knows web project management and she knows nonprofits.

This free guide includes:

  • Six Key Benefits of using an Agile Approach
  • The Three Roles, Three Artifacts and Three Meetings of Scrum
  • Ten Hard-Won Lessons Making Agile Work
  • Case Studies Demonstrating how Agile has Helped our Clients Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency
  • Links to Additional Resources

We love sharing resources we find valuable. Given our experience using Agile, our passion for being of service in the world, and our webgeekery skills, we’re very excited to be sharing this with you.

Also, I will mention that we ask for your email address in exchange for downloading the Guide. We’ll send you a message asking for your permission to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which we try to fill with valuable resources and tips for nonprofits and social change organizations alike.

Please let us know if/how this Guide is helpful to your organization, and if it is, we hope you’ll share this blog post with others!.

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