A thread began a few days ago on the Drupal Consultants list regarding Client Questionnaires. Not long ago, Ian and I went through our own Client Questionnaire with the intention of supporting a client with a new project. In the end we simplified our original laundry list of questions to this much shorter and refined list, more pertinent to her specific project. I’m sharing it as it may be of use to a wider audience and inspire others as well.

Client Questionnaire for Website Development

  • Why do you want to do this? Is this a means to an end?
  • A platform for political office down the line?  Should this even be a consideration?
  • What are your intentions?
  • What results do you envision?
  • Is anything for sale?
  • How do you envision operations sustaining? Is this a company with investors?  A self-funded project?
  • How are you feeling drawn to participate?  What do you envision being your role? CEO? Senior Editor?
  • What’s the sense of scale: # users, contributors, staff?
  • What are 5 websites that resonate with you in some way and how/why?
  • What are the 10 most used websites that you visit and what do you like or not about each?
  • Who do you imagine sourcing original content from?
  • Whose voices do you think would be shared from the site?

Additionally, you can’t go wrong with Henry’s four question mantra: Who’s the Audience? What’s the Intended Outcome? What are the Key Messages? How will we Measure Success?

Travis Carden also shared a great client resource list from the author of the Web Design 2.0 book.

What does your own Client Questionnaire look like? Do you have any feedback or suggestions on ours? Let us know!