For those of us who were in New Orleans, during our off site at the beginning of this year, and those participating in some of the work for Habitat for Humanity this will likely resonate, and looks like there is some good news amongst the unbelievably hard struggle that these people are having to endure. Well, my DIY skills are next to nothing, so I will try not to take too much credit for that. Though I did go out on the food hunting trip so maybe helped to sustain and nurture, some of the more effective workers, Witness is really an incredible project, giving voice to those who need it, shining the beacon of truth, and all that stuff. Long live Witness!

Alex Scott is an Engineer at CivicActions whose longstanding interests in both art and technology lend themselves to his work as a themer and front-end developer. He lives in Madrid, and, when away from his desk, finds himself gardening, windsurfing, cooking, cycling, and playing music.