Hot on the heals of yesterday’s post regarding sharing our Client Questionnaire, Nancy Schwartz of Getting Attention posted a ready-to-use Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template that provides a thorough overview for generating your marketing and online strategy.

  1. GOALS  – Key question: What is your organization’s main goal (1-2 goals)?  What are your communications goals (1-3 goals) and what are the communications goals that will contribute to achieving the overall goal?
  2. OBJECTIVES – Key question: What are 3-5 concrete, specific, measurable (when possible) steps to take to achieve your communications goals? Vague objectives will get you nowhere.
  3. TARGET AUDIENCE – Key question: Who are the 1-3 top audience groups you need to engage to meet your communications objectives and what do you need them to do? Most importantly, what are the wants, habits and preferences of each group?
  4. BEST STRATEGIES – Key question: Given your target audience groups and the actions you want them to take, what are the best ways to motivate them to do so?
  5. TACTICS – Key question: How to deliver the messaging to your audience via these strategies?
  6. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – Key questions: Who does what? Existing staff? New staff? Outsource? How many hours (per week or month) is it expected to take? What training (if any) is necessary to build necessary skills?
  7. STEP-BY-STEP WORK PLAN – Key question: How to roll out the program?
  8. BUDGET – Key question: How much is it going to cost?
  9. EVALUATION – Key questions: Measure outputs and outcomes. What is working best, so your org can do more of it? What targets are engaged and which segments do you need to engage differently? What content is most compelling to your base? What messaging generates action, and what fails to stir the pot?

For examples of each of the areas above, checkout the Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template and let us know what you think!