CivicActions is proud to sponsor and attend LibrePlanet, the Free Software Foundation’s annual conference for people who care about their digital freedoms.

To use free software is to make a political and ethical choice, asserting control over technology’s role in our society, including the freedom to share, study and modify the software we all use. Free software is “free” because the users are free.

The opening keynote of the FSF’s LibrePlanet conference this year will feature National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Technologist Daniel Kahn Gillmor, discussing free software, surveillance, power, and control.

As a sponsor and FSF Patron Organization, a number of our team members, including Henry Poole, David Numan, Adam Bergstein, Fen Labalme, and our brand-new SysAdmin, Karen Johnson will be in attendance. If you plan to attend, stop by our booth and say HI!

We’ll be talking about the new White House draft policy for sharing source code among federal agencies, including a pilot program that will make a portion of federal code open source. This policy will require that, among other things: (1) new custom code whose development is paid for by the Federal Government be made available for reuse across Federal agencies; and (2) a portion of that new custom code be released to the public as Open Source Software (OSS). The policy is in a public comment phase, and feedback is being collected as Github “issues.” We think both the policy and approach to public comment are very innovative, and throughout the conference we hope to bring additional awareness to this important conversation. We hope to see you there!