ca-feature-blog-labs-dosWouldn’t it be nice if we had more time to experiment with new ideas and create tools that will help us work more efficiently and productively?

At CivicActions, our team members are constantly bouncing creative solutions off of one another, but with the daily pressures of project work and other obligations, good ideas can find themselves relegated to the backburner or on the shoulders of one or two enterprising individuals. We’re pleased to announce the launch of CivicActions Labs, an initiative to provide our team with sanctioned time outside of project work to innovate and design products that will streamline our workflow and improve our practices.

Here’s our mission:

CivicActions Labs will drive a culture of collaborative innovation that keeps us excited and proactive about learning and growing both as professionals and as a team. Using an open, agile, mindful and measurable process, we will provide teams with the opportunity to create solutions that meet organizational challenges and drive transformation at CivicActions and globally.

In addition to being a vehicle to drive organizational change, lab projects also give CivicActions team members the opportunity to self-organize and collaborate in an agile process that mirrors practices set out in the U.S. Digital Services playbook. Some of the projects that we are cooking up include a complete overhaul of our local sandbox environments, creating a Drupal 7 theme based on 18F’s U.S. Web Design Standards, and customizing Visual Regression tools for website testing.

Because we at CivicActions are committed to being completely open, Labs will be open sourced and licensed so that you can share or adapt our work to meet your own specific needs.

To follow our progress, visit our website, grab our code, or spy on our Trello board. We look forward to launching our first Lab soon!