Introducing Agile Government Leadership

CivicActions has been actively using agile methodologies for the past several years. As we started our move into the federal government space, we began researching how government uses agile and found there was a strong need for a central, proactive movement to support public service and industry professionals championing and implementing it within the public sector.

As a company, we want to be a part of fostering a strong public sector agile community. Through our research, we discovered many other agile champions, inside and outside government, who felt there was a need to energize and mobilize seasoned professionals as well as those new to agile.

So, we collaborated with federal, state and local government and private sector leaders and helped launch Agile Government Leadership.

AGL’s mission is to foster awareness and create and aggregate resources that will make it easier for those implementing agile development to access information and get support from their peers within the public sector.

To get involved with AGL, join the LinkedIn and Facebook groups, follow on Twitter and visit the website at

CivicActions is excited to be part of this new movement, and we look forward to cultivating and growing the community so that together we can help build a responsive, engaged government that more efficiently and effectively serves its citizens.

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About the Author:

Elizabeth joined CivicActions in 2010 as an Agile Project Manager, leading teams of developers and designers through successful digital projects for nonproft and government clients. Her impeccable attention to quality and enthusiasm for human connection propelled her to become Director of Professional Services in 2014. In this role, she oversees hiring, business development, team leadership, client relationships, and thousands of small details per day — all while helping team members remain present and productive.

Elizabeth excels at facilitating change, encouraging growth, and empowering people. She brings an aura of confidence and balance to even the most complicated projects, inspiring her teams to problem-solve and collaborate until victory is achieved. She has served on a myriad of projects for CivicActions clients such as the Department of Defense, the City of Los Angeles, C2ES, Denver Public Library, EatFresh (San Francisco Human Services Agency), FosterClub, GlobalMDP Program (Columbia University), Netpop, and SACNAS.

As a certified ScrumMaster, Elizabeth is passionate about spreading the positive impact of agile project management in public sector organizations. She helped establish and expand Agile Government Leadership (AGL), a community powered network of agile professionals working to increase user-centered, iterative processes in government. She collaborates with the AGL working group to provide resources, arrange partnerships, host events, and facilitate conversation so agencies can be empowered to start using agile methods. Elizabeth has also moderated and spoken at a number of events across the country on the topic of agile government.

Before joining CivicActions, Elizabeth served as Director of Project Management for the software company Casting Networks, where she helped form the PM and QA groups, along with introducing and implementing agile methodologies.

Elizabeth holds a BFA from Wayne State University and lives in the Bay Area with her husband and young daughter. She appreciates the flexibility of working full time from home, hanging out with her kiddo during lunch breaks, and practicing yoga for mental balance and physical health. Elizabeth also enjoys reading the funnier side of the internet or getting outside with her family — being in California, this means the beach and the mountains.