Image FUpload: A Multi-Image Upload Module for Imagefield

The Image FUpload module is an add-on to the Image and CCK’s Imagefield modules, and allows you to upload multiple images at once with just a few simple clicks. You can use it with both single-value and multi-value imagefields, and it will automatically create the nodes for you.

The Image FUpload module is flash based (“image flash-upload”), so in order to use it, you first need to install the SWFUpload module, along with the SWFUpload files. The module also only works in a browser which supports Flash 9.x or higher.

If using this with the Imagefield module, you will first need to add a new imagefield to your custom content type and ensure that you select ‘Image FUpload’ as the widget type for your ‘File’ field. You can then choose the storage method, which is either store one image per node, or multiple images per node. You can also choose the fields which are to be editable per image via the multi-image uploader widget.

Once the content type has been configured, you can start uploading images. When creating your new content, you should now see a little snapshot icon with a plus sign, where you would normally see an upload image field. By clicking on this icon you can browse your local machine and select multiple images to upload. You need to hold down the Ctrl key (or Apple key if on a Mac) in order to select multiple files. The images are then queued until you fill out the rest of the form fields and click on the ‘Save’ button. These form field values are shared across all image nodes that are created.

The images are then uploaded one by one and progress bars for each are displayed. When complete, you then need to click on the ‘Next step’ button directly underneath the progress bars and fill out the per image editable fields. These fields are the ones configured in the imagefield settings, and allows you to configure a different caption, description, etc for each image node.

Overall it’s an awesome module and provides a much needed solution for uploading multiple images to your Drupal website. The only negative aspect, in my opinion, is the reliance on flash. However none of the non-flash solutions available really come close to the flexibility and stability of the Image FUpload module, or even support the same set of features. So congrats, and thanks, to grandcat for providing this great module.

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