iDrupal: Manage Your Drupal Website From iPhone

iDrupal is a project aimed to manage your Drupal websites from iPhone and iPod touch. This project is designed for:

  1. iDrupal module to act as a bridge for communication between your iPhone and drupal website
  2. iDrupal_ui theme to for your iPhone browser
  3. iPhone application which is yet to be released in the Apple App Store

To install iDrupal, download the module from project page and extract it in your site’s ‘sites/all/modules’ directory. The second step is to download the iDrupal_ui theme and extract it in ‘sites/all/themes’ directory. After this step, enable the iDrupal module from ‘admin/build/modules’ and iDrupal_ui theme from ‘admin/build/themes’. Now when you access your website from the iPhone browser, the iDrupal module will automatically detect your browser and set the appropriate mobile theme for mobile website. You can also configure which mobile theme to use for iPhone browser from ‘admin/settings/idrupal’. The iDrupal project provides really nice admin interface to manage your website and node add forms from iPhone browser. This really gives it a look like native iPhone app.

iDrupal2 iDrupal4 iDrupal3

iPhone application

One very advanced feature coming in iDrupal iPhone app is use of image field module to upload photos from photo gallery and camera. This iPhone app has very cool shortcuts to admin areas and handy node add forms. iDrupal is themeable so you can theme it according to your needs. iDrupal module and iDrupal_ui projects are currently in beta, so be careful using them on production websites.

Resources to refer:

Update: I learn more about iDrupal module and find out it doesn’t use JSON calls in communicating with Drupal.  It is just theme optimized for Safari mobile browser so I have updated the post. 

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