Government TechnologyGovernment Technology covered CivicActions’ “How CivicActions Earned a Spot on the California Agile Government Vendor Pool” webinar.


California is preparing to expand its agile vendor pool from 11 spots to 30, which means 19 new companies will soon be added to the state’s list of pre-qualified contractors that provide user-centric design and agile software development services.

Such work is centered around an oft-discussed principle of tech culture: making the world a better, more efficient place, and competition for spots could be tight. California Department of Technology officials said in December 2016 that about 50 vendors expressed interest and attended an informational webinar on the subject.

With this in mind, companies seeking to be chosen for the pool would do well to prepare, and what better way than to learn from one of the 11 companies already in? This was CivicActions’ motivation for holding a webinar titled “How CivicActions Earned a Spot on the California Agile Government Pool.” CivicActions, an agile development company, was selected in August 2016 on the strength of a prototype it built for the California Health and Human Services Agency.

Developers, project members and designers who worked on that prototype detailed what CivicActions did to create it, doling out advice for others hoping to achieve this same feat. The one-hour presentation was packed with valuable info, and the following are three tips that stood out.

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