Essential Groups for NGOs Using Drupal

There are now over 375 Drupal Groups and 23533 groups subscribers. The following 14 groups may be of particular interest to Non Governmental Organizations who are using or planning to use Drupal for their infrastructure:

General Business

Drupal for Activists and Campaigns, 109 subscribers
Issues and ideas relating to the use of Drupal by activists and campaigners

Drupal for Good, 222 subscribers
Group for those using Drupal in the nonprofit world

Consulting and Business, 409 subscribers
Consultants and businesses that use and develop with Drupal

Drupal Camp, 162 subscribers
The main group for all Drupal Camp organizing

Marketing & Communications

Advertising, 151 subscribers
Discuss advertising and Drupal sites.

Analytics, 135 subscribers
Discuss user data tracking and analysis using Drupal and third party tools.

Building Site Traffic, 111 subscribers
Modules and techniques to help promote and drive traffic to your Drupal-based site

Site Design

Accessibility, 121 subscribers
Working on making Drupal more accessible to users with disabilities and unusual browsers

Designers and Information Architects, 281 subscribers
A group for Drupal users to discuss the design of Drupal powered sites

Translations, 177 subscribers
Translation and internationalization of Drupal

Usability, 194 subscribers
Help make Drupal much more easy to use

Relationship & Community Building

Community, 346 subscribers
As in community building. How to go about it. How to do it with Drupal. Etc

CiviCRM, 227 subscribers
Using the CiviCRM Relationship Management System and Drupal

Social Networking Sites, 436 subscribers
Sites that aim to connect people and the modules that make it possible.

Please feel free to post any additions in the comments below.

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About the Author:

Henry Poole co-founded CivicActions in 2004 and was appointed CEO in 2014. Henry is responsible for advising clients undertaking innovation and transformation, participates in business development, and oversees the management team.

Henry has recently advised on the turnaround of a large scale, multi-vendor DOD Drupal project as well as the launch of a new platform for the San Francisco Human Services Agency. Prior to consulting for CivicActions government clients, he advised on the launch of numerous very successful campaigns including Defective by Design for the Free Software Foundation, and 170 Million Americans for American Public Media. 170 Million Americans was launched within 30 days of kickoff, included aligning stakeholders from dozens of public media companies, and resulted in a 53% membership conversion rate on the new website.

Henry has more than 30 years experience in information technology innovation, organizational transformation and strategic management. Henry founded one of the first Internet Agencies in 1993, led a French free and open source company to outsell Redhat retail in the US in 2001, and launched the first blog for a US congressman in 2003.

Henry serves on the boards of several technology companies as well as the Free Software Foundation.