DrupalCamp St. Louis: Highlights

The Drupal community of the Midwest is a small but vibrant group, brimming with excitement about the great things that open source software can accomplish.

The organizers of DrupalCamp St. Louis did a great job creating a space where people of all backgrounds and abilities could learn, connect, and get their hands into some Drupal projects.

CivicActions was proud to sponsor and participate in this upbeat, community-driven event. Our Associate Director of Engineering Adam Bergstein gave the keynote “Restoring Our Lost Imagination” — a call to examine and break free from the biases and perspectives that prevent us from unlocking our full potential.

Some of our other favorite sessions (with recordings!):

We loved the informative and supportive atmosphere created at this year’s DrupalCamp St. Louis, and look forward to watching this group continue to grow.

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Melinda is a writer and content strategist who joined CivicActions in 2015 to help get all the right words into all the right places. She loves using storytelling to highlight the value of civic tech in the lives of citizens, bringing out the heart and soul behind the digital transformation projects that make the world a better place. She is responsible for content creation, editing, research, publication, organization, and promotion on a variety of web and social media platforms — ensuring that content is user-friendly and relevant.

Melinda brings bright enthusiasm and a passion for humanity to every project. Whether helping a technologist transfer a concept into laymen’s terms or crafting a story about a project achievement, she is happiest when someone exclaims, “That is exactly what I was trying to say!”  

In conjunction with her work at CivicActions, Melinda has provided project management, content strategy, and administration efforts for Agile Government Leadership (AGL), a community of civic professionals promoting the use of agile methods in government. She also helps foster community engagement and provides engaging content for the DKAN open data project.

Prior to joining CivicActions, Melinda was a freelance writer and content strategist for a variety of clients in the civic tech space, including DotGov (providing mobile apps to governments), PageFreezer (providing website and social media archiving to agencies), and Urban Interactive Studio (providing outreach and engagement tools for public processes).

Melinda is currently living in an Airstream motorhome with her partner and three young kids, adventuring around the U.S.A. and seeking out as many trees and oceans as possible. She has a deep appreciation for avocados, her kids’ artwork, Instagram, clever science-y blogs with stick figure illustrations, and craft beer.