Drupal GovCon 2015 Presentation: Cultivating Extraordinary Culture on Distributed Teams

Video of my “Cultivating Extraordinary Culture on Distributed Teams” presentation at Drupal GovCon 2015 is now available (slides).

Session description

Culture is the most essential element in building healthy and high-performing teams.

A positive work environment makes team members feel appreciated, builds a sense of community, and helps foster overall job satisfaction.

However, all too often, company culture is considered an after-thought, and addressed way too late after the “core” business needs are met.

The distributed (“remote”) team offers additional challenges, as co-workers miss many of the traditional culture sustaining activities around the watercooler, over drinks, or after work hours.

In this session we will explore the topics:

  • Choosing the best collaboration tools for distributed teams
  • Improving remote team engagement and sustainable performance
  • Building a sense of community and opportunities for learning and growth
  • Best practices for to balancing work and home life
  • Managing conflict, issues and “bad apples”
  • Finding mission, meaning and significance in at work

This session will include both a presentation and a facilitated open discussion to elicit the wisdom of the participants.

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About the Author:

Aaron co-founded CivicActions in 2004. In his role as Chief Experience Officer, he is responsible for company culture, team-wide professional development, talent acquisition, company retreats and marketing. Aaron also serves in a business development capacity, advising clients on digital strategy, agile software development, and mindful leadership.

Aaron brings more than 15 years of information technology, open source software and consulting industry experience to managing the firm and advising clients.

Prior to CivicActions, Aaron facilitated leadership and communication seminars, creating extraordinary opportunities for men and women to deepen relationships, accomplish personal goals, and realize their authentic passions. He brings this experience to the unique aspects of generating a healthy organizational culture within a distributed team.

Aaron currently sits on the Board of Directors for Alegria Partners, a sustainable business consulting firm, and the Board of Advisors for MaestroConference and NWBCK (The New Black).

He has presented at numerous conferences on a diverse range of interests and passions including agile procurement, organizational culture, team building, content and digital strategy, open source software, mindfulness and living authentically.

Aaron lives in Oakland, CA with his wife Nikki and their two daughters. In addition to his family, Aaron is passionate about photography, snowboarding, Circling, electronic music, and building community.