CiviCRM Custom Field Option Lists Now Supported by Views Filters

My work with CivicActions recently provided the opportunity to create a minor, but much needed improvement to CiviCRM which has just been made available to everyone in the recent CiviCRM 3.2.3 release.

CiviCRM records have been available to Drupal’s Views module for some time, but the use of Custom Fields which depend on Option Lists was limited by the fact that CiviCRM provided a simple text box for filters on these fields, requiring the user to know in advance the valid values for the field. Now, with the latest release, these filters will provide a selector widget populated with the valid options from CiviCRM.

In other words, users will be provided checkboxes, a select drop-down, or a multi-select widget, depending on other settings, to filter Views based on custom field values. This will be more convenient for Views administrators, and makes Exposed Filters useful for end users.

This enhancement makes Views a viable alternative to CiviReport for Reporting on CiviCRM data in many cases. This may be desirable for some projects because it is much more accessible to developers and site administrators who are already familiar with the ubiquitous Views module.

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