CivicActions Named to California Office of Systems Integration Agile Development Pre-Qualified Vendor Pool

Flag of CaliforniaWe’re honored to be included in the new California Office of Systems Integration Agile Development Pre-qualified Vendor Pool.

Not only are we proud to be involved, but look forward to working closely with other state vendors to support an issue close to our hearts. Seeing other agile vendors that are committed to openness, transparency, and collaboration gives us confidence that together, we will all continuously improve our game. We also applaud the approach that California is taking to reforming government technology procurement and are excited to be in the first cohort.

From the announcement:

Late last year, California’s Department for Social Services (CDSS) and Office of Systems Integration (OSI), with the support of agencies and departments like Health and Human Services, GovOps and state technology, took the courageous step forward of moving from a traditional waterfall government technology procurement to a modular, agile and user-centered approach. This approach – used successfully in the private sector and at the federal government level with organizations like the United States Digital service and 18F – promises to deliver better technology that meets the needs of users quickly and frequently.

Instead of a monolithic, complicated procurement worth hundreds of millions of dollars, serviceable only by a small number of system integrators, the request for proposal was broken up into much smaller modules. The requests for proposal for two modules – an Application Programming Interface (API) module, and an Intake module, were published in December.

Read what we learned about the process and our open collaboration invitation to other vendors.

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About the Author:

Henry Poole co-founded CivicActions in 2004 and was appointed CEO in 2014. Henry is responsible for advising clients undertaking innovation and transformation, participates in business development, and oversees the management team.

Henry has recently advised on the turnaround of a large scale, multi-vendor DOD Drupal project as well as the launch of a new platform for the San Francisco Human Services Agency. Prior to consulting for CivicActions government clients, he advised on the launch of numerous very successful campaigns including Defective by Design for the Free Software Foundation, and 170 Million Americans for American Public Media. 170 Million Americans was launched within 30 days of kickoff, included aligning stakeholders from dozens of public media companies, and resulted in a 53% membership conversion rate on the new website.

Henry has more than 30 years experience in information technology innovation, organizational transformation and strategic management. Henry founded one of the first Internet Agencies in 1993, led a French free and open source company to outsell Redhat retail in the US in 2001, and launched the first blog for a US congressman in 2003.

Henry serves on the boards of several technology companies as well as the Free Software Foundation.