CivicActions expands government open data services with DKAN project

DKANCivicActions is extremely excited to announce the expansion of our service offerings to include open government data as we take leadership of the open source open data platform DKAN (details).

We look forward to bringing fresh enthusiasm and awareness to the impact of open data for governments and citizens as we work to grow and support the public sector open data community.

Governments in dozens of countries worldwide already use DKAN for analyzing and publishing data using visualization features that help citizens benefit from relevant information. As an open source platform, the DKAN project is community-driven and is featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for Government Open Data Management Platforms.

Growing the open data community

CivicActions’ first public venture into the DKAN community was as organizer of the first DKAN Open Data Summit in Washington, D.C. The growing interest around open government data was tangible as the gathering continued well past its timebox.

Agencies shared their own experiences, discussing the future of data and how it can be used to solve specific problems for citizens. Open data leaders from CivicActions, Granicus, and other organizations discussed the roadmap for the DKAN project — collaborating and sharing knowledge in the true spirit of open source.

Changing lives with data

We look forward to continuing these conversations and helping more governments achieve their goals with open data. Agencies such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Veterans Administration, State of California, and State of Georgia have implemented DKAN open data to help tackle large scale challenges like veteran suicide, school performance, and water conservation.

DKAN open data professional services

As CivicActions takes the DKAN reins from previous maintainer Granicus, we will continue to nourish the culture of knowledge and sharing around the ways that agencies can use DKAN for data storytelling, regulatory compliance, and user engagement.

We are so appreciative of those on the Granicus DKAN team who have worked diligently with us to ensure a smooth transition for current open data customers.

While continuing to provide ongoing enterprise support for governments already using DKAN, CivicActions plans to make new investments in open source product innovation, expand DKAN professional services including custom development, and forge international partnerships with digital agencies worldwide.

Thank you

We’re immensely grateful for the leadership of the DKAN founders and developer community for making it the powerful platform it is today. CivicActions is honored to take up the DKAN torch and to come alongside those who have already been working to build a better world through the power of open data.

Learn more about DKAN.

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