ca-feature-blog-fedscoop-it-summitCivicActions Director of Professional Services Elizabeth Raley will moderate a panel discussion at FedScoop’s Lowering the Cost of Gov with IT Summit, on August 25 in Washington, D.C.

The one-day event brings government and IT leaders together to discuss the best ways government can become more efficient and save money through the use of innovative technologies.

Elizabeth’s session will focus on the value agile brings government: continuous learning, lowered risk, user involvement, effective governance, stakeholder and team satisfaction, and increased capability.

She will also share about how Agile Government Leadership is working with agile practitioners in government to help agencies overcome the cultural and organizational challenges that agencies face in adopting agile practices.

To meet with Elizabeth and discuss ideas from the panel or talk about the work CivicActions and AGL is doing around agile, open source and government IT transformation, connect with her via email at [email protected].