CivicActions at DrupalCon 2017

DrupalCon BaltimoreCivicActions is proud to serve as a sponsor of DrupalCon Baltimore. Many of us at CivicActions routinely give back to Drupal. We regularly present at Drupal camps and conferences. We cannot wait to see all of our friends, coworkers, and clients attending.

Who’s Going

Be sure to connect with us. Attending from CivicActions are:

Community and Connection

DrupalCon represents the perfect opportunity for all members of the community to come together and celebrate our collective achievement. Aside from a schedule packed with amazing sessions given by experts in the field, DrupalCon presents an opportunity to come together as a community and reaffirm our connections. There will be great parties and countless opportunities to make connections with other community members.

Government Summit – Monday

I will be participating in a panel on Drupal 8 to discuss my contributed Drupal 8 work and my passion for serving the needs of our government clients. I would love to connect with you. I’ll be handing out my own personal “nerdstein” stickers and promise to gather countless selfies with community members.

Session: ‘Conquering Imposter Syndrome in the Open Source Community’

Heather Rodriguez will be co-presenting on Imposter Syndrome with Sarah Thrasher and Kat Kuhl on Tuesday at 3:45 p.m. in Room 425). When you’re new to any field, particularly a rapidly evolving, ever-changing one, it’s normal to experience feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt. Heather will present ideas on how members can overcome these struggles and get the support they need to thrive in the community. Catch up with Heather and share your thoughts on her session.

Give Back

DrupalCon is an event where anyone can learn to use Drupal to make the internet a better place. And you won’t have to wait until DrupalCon is over to use what you learn. Put your ideas to work right away at sprints. (Tip: you don’t have to be a developer, or have ever joined a sprint before.) I will be working on my projects and can be available to assist others in core or contrib if needed.

Follow all the DrupalCon activity on Twitter (@DrupalConNA), and please come by our booth (#117) to say hello!

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About the Author:

*Adam left CivicActions in 2017.

Adam joined CivicActions as Associate Director of Engineering in 2015, bringing experience in technical architecture and a passion for helping people work together at top-notch productivity. A mentor and team player to the core, Adam participates in the open source Drupal community and views projects as opportunities for teams to grow and shine.

Adam has led development efforts rebranding a national telecommunication company website, integrating the systems of a financial services firm into a modern web solution, and implementing a headless content management system for an international retailer’s e-commerce system. He led development efforts on the redesign of Penn State’s World Campus website, promoting online educational offerings that improve access for non-traditional learners like single parents and members of the military. At CivicActions, he is currently working on a website rebranding project for a government agency.

Adam comes to CivicActions from Acquia, where he served as a Technical Architect. He spent many years in higher education at Penn State University, where he served as a team lead, developer, faculty member, researcher, and graduate student. He advocates for the trifecta: thoughtfully crafted technology, people-focused solutions, and the power of ongoing learning.

Adam has been researching Drupal 8 and gives back to the community through porting of contributed modules, like Taxonomy Menu and Password Policy. His book-in-progress, “Problem Solving in Drupal 8,” is intended to introduce Drupal 8 strategies to those familiar with conventional web problems. Additionally, he is researching and developing a tool to oversee DevOps for Drupal projects. He loves speaking about what he has learned and can often be found presenting at Drupal Camps and DrupalCons. Adam serves on the IT Board of Juniata College.

Adam holds a masters degree in Computer Science / Information Security from Penn State University and a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Juniata College. He lives in a small town in Pennsylvania where he enjoys seeking out great food and drink, especially craft beer. His life is enriched by his wife, two daughters, and a dog.