CivicActions at DrupalCamp Asheville: It’s All About Balance

Balance — whether it be work/life, self/family, or body/mind — is a key priority for many of the technologists who will convene for Drupal Camp Asheville (DCAVL), July 14-15. This camp offers participants a chance to learn, grow, and contribute to the success of Drupal — and for those of us who work remotely, a chance to share our stories of striving for balance in an alternative work environment.

The principle of balance has been at the heart of CivicActions culture since its inception — so we’re proud to serve as sponsors for DCAVL this year, helping bring this valuable event to the Asheville community where 10% of the workforce is remote.

As a fully distributed team, we feel a kinship with the remote technologists of Asheville and look forward to learning and sharing about maintaining balance in this “workstyle”. Working remotely reserves time and energy that would be spent on commuting, and allows us to develop the exceptional focus and transparency required for open and honest communications on projects.

This year, DCAVL organizers have taken the bold and trusting step of offering free registration to attendees, returning to an optional funding model that pays homage to the origins of Drupal and the ideals of open source. At CivicActions, we’re thrilled to see the community rally in support of this effort, as free contribution is another core tenet of our organization.

Finally, in the spirit of community contribution, CivicActions’ own Adam Bergstein (@n3rdstein) will be giving a humorous, poignant talk about how our personality tendencies can affect our work and relationships: The Unintentional Findings of a Honey Badger.

We’ll be around all weekend to share the learning and connect through our common purposes of improving open source code and community. We hope you can stick around Sunday for an outdoor family group activity as well.

Stay balanced, my friends!

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About the Author:

Dan joined CivicActions as an engineer in 2015, serving as front and backend developer with a passion for open source software. He is a Drupal generalist since 2008 and agile evangelist who is driven to make things work more efficiently.

With more than a decade of media production experience, primarily in the media and higher education verticals, Dan brings a knack for persistence and collaboration that makes him a valuable team player in the creation of compelling sites for clients. His love for learning new technologies keeps him on the watch for tools that make things work better.

Before joining CivicActions, Dan served as product owner for National Public Radio’s Core Publisher Drupal multisite. This facilitates member stations’ ability to share digital content throughout the network the same way they share audio content. Dan was also instrumental in building a Site Factory for Harvard Medical School (HMS) departments and laboratories, simplifying maintenance and enhancement production. He pioneered the adoption of Agile processes for his team at HMS, still used there as an indispensable tool for successful projects.

Dan holds a BA in classical guitar from John Hopkins University and enjoys playing a multidimensional array of plucked string and percussion instruments. Outside of work, Dan is a proponent of environmental sustainability and enthusiastic cyclist, swimmer, and cross-country skier — depending on the weather. He also enjoys local food with his family in the mountains of North Carolina.