We’re excited to attend, present and sponsor the 2014 Capital Camp and Drupal Gov Days on July 30 to August 1 at the National Institutes of Health.

Several CivicActions team members will be there, and I’ll present on How Content Strategy Can Transform Government Websites. I’ll also review specific case studies demonstrating how content strategy applies at both a local and federal level.

For those of you exploring new career opportunities in Drupal, we’re hiring talented developers and designers and would love to connect with you during the event. Learn more about our team and working at CivicActions.

Here’s more information about the position openings:

9 Must-Attend Sessions

There are a number of fantastic sessions, and here are 9 we look forward to attending:

As we continue to expand our federal offering, we look forward to meeting new people and partners and deepen our ties to the community. Big thank you to the organizers and fellow sponsors for making all of this come together.

Be sure to follow @CapitalCampDC and @GovDrupal on Twitter and register here before it’s too late!