BADCamp 2017: Open Data, Drupal 9, and Waffles

We were proud to sponsor and participate at BADCamp 2017 – an inspiring four days of sessions, sprints, and networking by the bright minds of the Drupal community.

The energy at BADCamp was exuberant. Everyone seemed pumped about the high quality talks, the diverse topics … and that killer waffle and espresso bar!

CivicActions presents on open data + science

CivicActions’ Adam Bergstein, Stefanie Gray, and Elizabeth Raley led a discussion highlighting how the DKAN open data platform (powered by Drupal) has been used for publishing scientific data and fostering collaboration in science communities.

Panelist Gerard Lazo, a genetic scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, explained how a DKAN-based project is empowering efforts to consolidate agricultural data from federal repositories, universities, and industry to solve problems faster and drive more efficient research – in addition to sharing this information with the public.

Watch the video:

Standout sessions

There was great diversity in the other sessions at BADCamp – so much to choose from and to learn. Here are a few we loved:

“Drupal 9 and Backward Compatibility: Why Now Is The Time To Upgrade To Drupal 8”
Angie Byron explained the mind shift in the Drupal community that has allowed people to focus on innovating instead of waiting for features and updates. The move from Drupal 8 to 9 will be more productive than from 7 to 8 – which is good news for all of us. (Watch the video)

“From Homelessness to Winning Drupal: How a Community and Tech Companies Can Improve Lives”
John Oullet inspired everyone by explaining his journey from homelessness to management level positions in Drupal companies. He showed how the open source tech community values acceptance, mentorship, and self-learning.

“A Look Into A Possible Future For All Of Us: React, GraphQL and Drupal”
Amazee Labs’ Michael Schmid blew many of our minds with his fast-paced, informative, and truly inspiring introduction to his company’s approach to headless Drupal development.  He demonstrated an innovative, fully decoupled front- and back-end system that uses React and GraphQL to drive a suite of twelve individual websites from a single codebase.  Using React to deliver the front end and GraphQL to connect with Drupal, the sites load remarkably quickly.  And Michael’s enthusiasm for his craft is infectious!

“Building Components: From Design to Development”
Mario Hernandez, senior front-end developer at Mediacurrent, was a constant presence at this year’s BADCamp.  He taught the full-day “Component-based Development in Drupal 8” on Wednesday, and spent much of Friday helping front enders wrap their heads around pattern libraries at the Front End Summit.  In this session, Mario encapsulated his broad knowledge of the subject in an informative session, seamlessly bridging theory and practice while walking attendees through one possible workflow incorporating components from conception through completion.

Summit Highlights

We appreciated the lively, day-long BADCamp summits, created for attendees wishing to focus on specific topics. Organizers took an agile, “unconference” approach to laying out the agenda, allowing all participants to suggest, vote on, and attend discussions on a variety of interesting topics.

The Nonprofit Summit brought together developers, agencies, and organizations to discuss problems and brainstorm solutions specific to work in their areas of interest, from effective communication with clients and stakeholders to roundtables on effective devops and front-end strategies. The day ended with a workshop on visual storytelling, using the innovative “mandala” approach.

This year’s Front End Summit was of particular interest to engineers and themers working in the brave new world of Drupal 8. Front enders of all levels of experience came together to discuss a wide range of topics, including accessibility, performance, javaScript and React, Twig templating, and the value of atomic structure in component-driven design. It was clearly energizing for developers with similar questions and interests to spend an entire day engaging with their counterparts across the front end spectrum, making for a true “gathering of the tribes!”

Behind the Screens: Interview with Lullabot

Adam Bergstein was asked for an interview at BADCamp by Lullabot’s Behind the Screens podcast. He chatted about the recent acquisition of the DKAN Project by CivicActions, and discussed some of the technical aspects of open data in regards to Drupal and other platforms.

Listen now:

Thank you

We’re grateful to the BADCamp organizers and sponsors who help make this event great, and for the inspiring stories and constructive insights of the open source community. We help make each other great! See you next year in the Bay Area.

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About the Author:

Richard Gilbert joined CivicActions in 2014 as an Engineer. Like many at CivicActions, Richard has had a deep love for and interest in Drupal and open source for years.

Prior to joining CivicActions, Richard worked for a company that wrote proprietary software from scratch for clients. He was looking for an open source alternative to what he had been doing, which led him to Drupal. After attending two Drupalcons, a Drupal Summit, and a few user group meetings, he was hooked.

At CivicActions, Richard is working on a project for a large federal agency. Past clients include: National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, Kavana Cooperative, Compassionate Action Network, and Society for Commercial Archeology.

When Richard isn’t at work, you will find him with his wife of nearly a quarter century. They have two daughters, one in high school and one who just graduated from college. All four are committed vegans, though Richard freely confesses a weakness for M&Ms.

Richard received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Study from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Washington. He is a bass player, currently finishing work on an album with a friend. Also an avid photographer, Richard is continuing work on his Junk Drawers project, which is just as it sounds: a series of photos of people’s junk drawers.