BADCamp 2015: Drupal 8 Innovations Highlight the Event

I push the big red buttons.

That starts recording audio and video.

Then I start talking at a good clip. I’m discussing Drupal 8 and there is a lot to cover.

I thank the attendees for their time. Introduce myself. Describe my employer, CivicActions, and how they fit in the Drupal world. Then I promptly jump into the main matter of the session. I start by first showing and describing the vast ecosystem of third-party tools, libraries and frameworks such as Symfony, Composer, Drush, Git, Behat, Memcache, SASS, Twig, Guzzle and Jenkins that are now integral for developing to Drupal.

I’m presenting my session called “Drupal 8 Kickstart” at BADCamp 2015 in Berkeley, CA, and the technology setup for the presentation is advanced and has been thought out in detail, including the user interface for presenters so that the presenter can hit two buttons and quickly get started on their talk. One would not expect less at a convention being held at a university famous for leadership and innovation and that university is within the aura of the sizzling San Francisco tech hub.

There is a good cross-section of Drupal core contributors present at this BADCamp and other advanced Drupalistas are also everywhere in attendance too. Drupal 8 is now starting to generate buzz and there are a good amount of sessions dedicated to Drupal 8 which has just seen the issuance of Drupal 8 Release Candidate 2 on October, 21, 2015.

CivicActions, Acquia, Pantheon, BlackMesh, FFW, Phase2 and even GoDaddy are sponsors among many others. BADCamp 2015 is being held primarily at the Martin Luther King Student Center and several other nearby buildings. The creative and active academic university environment lends an exciting, progressive backdrop to the BADCamp event. The University of California at Berkeley and Drupal share other attributes. Both have world-class reputations, draw in an ethnically and socially diverse body of participants, and stress a constant focus on and fostering of innovation.

I continue to move fast through slides covering basic PHP OOP, the new Drupal 8 directory and module structures, plugins, render arrays, caching in Drupal 8 and how configuration management has moved to YAML files, and other valuable info targeted to developers. There are some precise questions from members of the audience, but generally they are sitting back and soaking it up calmly maybe even effortlessly. I am moving onto my final closing slide on Resources and a couple of questions are coming up, but we are two minutes over and the next presenter is at my elbow with his Mac Air out.

I pack it up. I jump into a few more Drupal 8 BADCamp sessions myself, loading up on Drupal 8 theming and Twig that I am a little light on.

Overall, BADCamp 2015 delivered thought leadership on Drupal and delivered some great post-convention partying at quixotic, trendy venues. Of course, the Berkeley campus area delivered on restaurants too that were satisfyingly diverse including Himalayan, Indian, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, vegan, outrageous burgers, and exotic hardcore tea and coffee shops.

BADCamp 2015 – the event, the location, the sponsors, the attendees, and the fresh Drupal 8 topic – lived up to its reputation as being a testbed for covering the innovation in Drupal and delivering it at a good high level.

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About the Author:

Peter Sawczynec joined CivicActions in 2014 and has been involved in the challenges of open source web programming for desktop, tablet and mobile for more than 10 years.

He has collaberated on the planning, architecture and development of numerous award-winning, enterprise Drupal city, county and state toursim websites. He develops custom Drupal modules that drive feature-rich websites integrating social media, SEO/SEM, user tracking, galleries, maps, and timely consumer content. Peter acted as Webmaster for the high-volume Port Authority of NY and NJ public website for 7 years. Peter also has been a technology consultant at Fortune 500 financial companies such as Citibank, JPMorgan, and SBC Warburg.

Originally a native of New York, Peter is a Syracuse University alum and has traveled in Europe and at least 25 of the U.S. states. Peter enjoys spending time at seaside locations the most and finds his current relaxed southwest Florida residence to be a particularly great fit.