I’ve been working on scrum teams for awhile now and I recently went through the Certified ScrumMaster course which provided a nice refresher. One take-away I want to share is the reminder to avoid performing “Scrum Buts” – this is the notion of practicing only portions of the Scrum process.

We know that it is very easy to stray from the Scrum structure, but keeping it consistent is what makes it work. A few of the less strictly followed, but just as important, rules are:

  • Every sprint should have stories that the team can demonstrate – always
  • Only the delivery team can say what can be delivered & when
  • Anyone can add to the backlog, but only the PO (Product Owner) should prioritize it
  • A PBI (Product Backlog Item) is ready when it has: An Estimate, Definition of Done & Acceptance Test
  • The proper size of a Scrum team is 5 – 9 people
  • Each sprint must complete all of the ceremonies in order to truly run through the Scrum process
  • All the ceremonies have set time boxes to follow

Besides describing the rules and definitions, this course reinforced the knowledge I had about Scrum, and provided valuable new information about applying Scrum practices. I was empowered to bring these lessons back to my Scrum Team to help better facilitate our Agile process.

I would love to hear your comments below on what rules you are tempted to break and any advice on staying away from the Scrum Buts!