Video of my “Agile White House: How the TechFAR & Digital Services Playbook are Transforming Government” presentation from Agile2015 is now available.

Session description


The White House recently launched the United States Digital Service to deliver “customer-focused government through smarter IT.” As part of this announcement the Office of Management and Budget released the Digital Services Playbook and an accompanying TechFAR Handbook “for procuring digital services using Agile Processes,” making it easier for government agencies to buy and implement Agile.
In this session, participants will understand the history, intentions and key components of these documents, and have a deeper understanding on how to bringing Agile into government agencies.

Learning Outcomes

  • A history of government Agile directives
  • Understanding the objectives behind the new TechFAR Handbook & Digital Services Playbook
  • Practical implementation techniques for procuring and implementing Agile within federal government agencies