Agile DC 2014 Presentation: U.S. Digital Services Playbook and TechFAR Primer

Earlier this week, I gave a primer on the new U.S. Digital Services Playbook and TechFAR at the Agile DC conference. The presentation was titled, Agile Gov Playbook: Dissecting the New White House TechFAR Handbook.

In this presentation I reviewed the history of Agile procurement, the relevant Digital Services Playbook “plays,” the TechFAR handbook objectives, key components and recommendations for getting agile adopted in federal agencies.

The talk served mainly as an introduction the massive changes occurring in federal procurement, and how these two documents are making it much easier for agencies to buy and implement Agile throughout the entire government.

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About the Author:

Aaron co-founded CivicActions in 2004. In his role as Chief Experience Officer (CXO), he is responsible for company culture, talent acquisition, professional development and marketing.

In 2016, Aaron served at the United States Digital Service (USDS) helping improve the way the federal government procures digital services through culture change, policy reform, and strategic planning.

He brings more than 20 years of information technology, free and open source software and consulting industry experience to managing the firm and advising clients.

Prior to CivicActions, Aaron facilitated leadership and communication seminars, creating extraordinary opportunities for men and women to deepen relationships, accomplish personal goals, and realize their authentic passions. He brings this experience to the unique aspects of generating a healthy organizational culture within a distributed team.

He has presented at numerous conferences on a diverse range of interests and passions including federal procurement, organizational culture, digital strategy, free and open source software and mindfulness.

Aaron lives between Oakland, CA, Washington D.C. and San Mateo, Costa Rica, with his wife Nikki and their two daughters. He is passionate about photography, pugilism, snowboarding, podcasts, and fostering community.