Last week I had the honor to speak at DrupalCon Denver on how international NGOs are leveraging Drupal for social change. This presentation explored case studies from eight non-profits, specifically on how each were able to harness Drupal for real world impact.

After sharing some history of the Drupal (& CivicSpace) projects in relation to social change, the presentation examined the measurable impact and results produced by the following organizations by deploying Drupal:

  1. Mercy Corps – Personal Fundraising Pages
  2. – Global Days of Action (Events)
  3. Amnesty International – Drupal integrated with CiviCRM, Alfresco and Mobile
  4. Human Rights Watch – i18n (Internationalization)
  5. Oxfam International – Global Intranet
  6. Greenpeace UK – Local Groups (aka “Get Active”)
  7. International Rescue Committee – “Rescue Gifts”
  8. ActionAid – Multi-site per Country on a Single Installation of Drupal

As Drupal matures in the non-profit, education and govenment space, it’s exciting to witness the real impact in all sectors. As demonstrated by the great Q&A and conversation near the end of the presentation, the next step is really identifying the best method for sharing and re-purposing all these organizations’ good work. Best of all, it was exciting to continue the conversation thoughout the conference (and beyond) with many of the people and agencies who are producing these amazing sites. I am certain in the coming weeks, there will be more to share on that front.

If you have questions, or interested in greater detail on how any of these projects each were developed, please be in touch!

Download the International NGOs Leveraging Drupal slides on Speakerdeck.