We're extremely proud that one of our engineering team members, Benjamin Kallos, has won the District 5 race for City Council in New York City by a landslide. District 5 is the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island, and also happens to be my birthplace and many years later, location of a former residence of mine.

At CivicActions, we want to have a positive impact in changing the world. We do that through our work, and often through our 'extracurricular' activities, like organizing community events, participating in Open Source communities, or in Benjamin's case, running for office. If you don't think it's working, take action and get involved. That's what Councilman-elect Kallos did, and we're delighted to see him win his race.

Congratulations, Benjamin! The city of New York, and the Upper East Side in particular have made a wise choice and we're excited to see you take your seat.

New York Times 2013 City Council Election Results