Following a last minute session shuffling the Advanced Drush is now on the schedule for Wednesday 5:00PM-6:00PM. Three of the Drush maintainers - Moshe Weitzman, Owen Barton and Mark Sonnabaum will be presenting.

The session is still being developed, but as a taster we are planning on covering:

  • How you can incorporate Drush into your development team and processes.
  • Tips on using Drush with common shell commands/scripts, and growing your own Drush php-scripts/commands.
  • The future of Drush ...and more!

I am sure even experienced Drush users will learn something here - there is lots of new features in Drush 4 that we will try and point out along the way. Don't be scared off by "advanced" in the title though, if you know your way around the command line but haven't tried Drush yet this is sure to get you from 0-60 pretty quickly!

If you have anything you would like us to cover, or any cool tricks you think we might want to share please post them in the comments.

Owen Barton is Director of Engineering at CivicActions. He has been developing elegant solutions in Drupal for over 12 years and is widely credited with building one of the most reputable and experienced Drupal engineering teams on the planet.