No, Code for America isn't looking for a couple thousand gentlemen.  They're looking for geeks (of any gender) to award yearlong Fellowships (living wage, health insurance, travel expenses) starting in 2011 to build Government 2.0 apps for a number of local governments. 

Code for America is an initiative funded by the Sunlight Foundation, the Case Foundation and the Louis & Anne Abrons Foundation, among others. It has an allstar team of founders, advisors and board members and their goal is to create a new model for accelerating social change at the local level by funding teams of developers, designers and project managers to build projects to make local government more transparent.  It's an exciting collaboration between government, foundations and web geeks to wipe some more grime from the lens of public scrutiny.

Here's what we know:  the world isn't going to change itself.  In fact, it's going to take a concerted effort on the part of a lot of people doing lots of different things to make some shift happen. In my opinion, any experiment in organizing human ingenuity to improve our collective condition is not only laudable, but something we should actively support if for no other reason than our survival. 

CFA to me represents Yet Another Example of people coming together to do something Good.  And here's your chance to join them, learn more about the Fellows program on the Code For America website