SO excited to see Amnesty International get onto Twitter today. GO FOLLOW THEM NOW!!!. Go ahead, do it now and come back. I'll wait... If ever there was a case study for mobilizing the masses using social media, I believe Amnesty could be it. When I was growing up as a teenager, Amnesty's distributed letter writing program reached me in some California suburb and I was impressed with what the focus of a some human beings could do. And I was impressed and grateful that an organization existed to bring that focus to bear. An incredible property of the Twittersphere is how quickly information spreads. Hearing about life on earth is now nearly instantaneous. And it is constant and increasingly pervasive. And as the micro-blogging/activity stream phenomenon continues to accelerate and drive into the mainstream, it's not only Amnesty International's opportunity to reach far and wide and fast to activate a vast network of human beings. This opportunity right now belongs to any organization making change in the world with access to the web and someone to say "Hello".