15 sessions you won’t want to miss at BADCamp 2016

BADCampCivicActions is excited to both attend and sponsor the 10th year of BADCamp!

We’re headed out tomorrow to get our booth set up and can’t wait to meet and mingle with all the wonderful people who are drawn to this event. We are constantly struck by the dedication, creativity, and passion of the people who make up the Drupal community.

We’re going to be on the lookout for talented new friends, because CivicActions is hiring! Come and find us at our booth to talk shop or get a free chair massage.

Here are some not-to-be-missed sessions, two of them given by our own CivicActions teammates!

Kristian Ducharme will give a developer’s perspective on transitioning from Drupal 7 by utilizing Drupal 8’s powerful custom entities in his talk BFFs 4eva: Drupal 8 and Custom Databases.

Heather Rodriguez is moderator and organizer of Frontend Summit, which will include topics of Drupal 8 theming, component-driven design and development, integrating style guides into your Drupal theme, optimizing front-end performance, Headless Drupal, Fonts, SVGs and more!

A few more sessions you’ll want to catch (so many good ones this year!)

Looking forward to seeing you all there! Don’t forget to stop by our booth to get a free massage and find out more about CivicActions.

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About the Author:

Melinda is a part-time writer and full-time mother who joined CivicActions in 2015 to help get all the right words into all the right places. She loves using storytelling and communication skills to highlight the value of civic tech in the lives of citizens, bringing out the heart and soul behind the initiatives and tools that make the world a better place.

Melinda brings bright enthusiasm and a passion for humanity to every assignment. Whether helping a technologist transfer a concept into laymen’s terms or crafting a resume that brings out the “shine” in a potential new hire, she is happiest when someone exclaims, “That is exactly what I was trying to say!”

In conjunction with her work at CivicActions, Melinda has served on the working group of Agile Government Leadership (AGL), a community of civic professionals promoting the use of agile methods in government. She oversees the administration, project management, and marketing of AGL and has helped it grow to over 800 members.

Prior to joining CivicActions, Melinda wrote for a variety of clients in the civic tech space, including DotGov (providing mobile apps to governments), PageFreezer (providing website and social media archiving to agencies), and Urban Interactive Studio (providing outreach and engagement tools for public processes).

Melinda is currently living in an Airstream motorhome with her partner and three young kids, adventuring around the U.S.A. and seeking out as many trees and oceans as possible. She is also unapologetically addicted to avocados, Instagram, clever science-y blogs, and craft beer.