15 must-attend sessions at Drupal GovCon 2015

Drupal GovCon2015CivicActions is a proud Gold Sponsor of Drupal GovCon 2015, and we’re also fortunate and excited to have several CivicActions team members presenting.

Here are 15 sessions we’re excited to present and attend.

CivicActions team presentations

Drupal 8 Kickstart for Developers

Peter Sawczynec, Wednesday 7/22 2:00pm

Presenting the essentials a developer should understand to dive into a Drupal 8 site and see where and how to integrate their custom module in Drupal 8. The Drupal 8 Kickstart presentation will be enhanced by screensharing phpStorm showing Drupal 8 concepts in use in an actual new custom Drupal 8 module on a locally-installed demo Drupal 8 site.Developers with Drupal 7 experience will find that the discipline and organization they have gained from developing to Drupal 7 will benefit them as that knowledge is expanded to include Drupal 8 concepts.

When this presentation is complete the developer will have a mental roadmap of Drupal 8. Plus, they will have a solid perspective on what they may still need to dig into further so that they can promptly develop to Drupal 8.

Provides a look at these aspects of Drupal 8:

  • Site directory structure
  • Module structure
  • .yml files
  • How Symfony fits in
  • Basic OOP: Traits, interfaces, abstract classes, classes
  • Basic OOP: create, __construct
  • Dependency injection
  • Services
  • Bootstrap flow
  • Events
  • Routing and controllers
  • CMI
  • Hooks in Drupal 8
  • Basic Twig
  • Basic Composer
  • Drupal 8 Console
  • Drupal Module Upgrader
  • Drupal 8 sample module
  • Valuable changes to know: No more drush disable; No more vget, vset..
  • Drupal 8 Drupal 7 visual map

Cultivating Extraordinary Culture on Distributed Teams

Aaron Pava, Friday 7/24 2:00pm

Culture is the most essential element in building healthy and high-performing teams.

A positive work environment makes team members feel appreciated, builds a sense of community, and helps foster overall job satisfaction. However, all too often, company culture is considered an after-thought, and addressed way too late after the “core” business needs are met. The distributed (“remote”) team offers additional challenges, as co-workers miss many of the traditional culture sustaining activities around the watercooler, over drinks, or after work hours.

In this session we will explore the topics:

  • Choosing the best collaboration tools for distributed teams
  • Improving remote team engagement and sustainable performance
  • Building a sense of community and opportunities for learning and growth
  • Best practices for to balancing work and home life
  • Managing conflict, issues and “bad apples”
  • Finding mission, meaning and significance in at work

Security and Scanning – an Open Source Approach

Fen Labalme, Greg Elin, Friday 7/24 2:00pm

All three branches of the Federal Government and many state and local governments are turning to Drupal to provide a cost-effective and secure internet presence. For some, applying the most recent Security updates to the Operating System and Drupal core and its contributed modules is enough assurance of security. Others demand automated vulnerability management tools, such as provided by the Security Content and Automation Protocol (SCAP). Expensive and/or difficult to obtain closed source SCAP-compatible scanners such as Nessus from Tenable and ACAS from the DoD have generally kept scanning out of the realm of Open Source developers.

This session will discuss our experience with two Free and Open Source tools, GovReady and OpenSCAP, how we installed and configured them, their benefits and drawbacks, and future work aimed at making them easier to use, more comprehensive and secure, and more applicable to Drupal and the LAMP stack it on which it runs.


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About the Author:

Aaron co-founded CivicActions in 2004. In his role as Chief Experience Officer (CXO), he is responsible for company culture, talent acquisition, professional development and marketing.

In 2016, Aaron served at the United States Digital Service (USDS) helping improve the way the federal government procures digital services through culture change, policy reform, and strategic planning.

He brings more than 20 years of information technology, free and open source software and consulting industry experience to managing the firm and advising clients.

Prior to CivicActions, Aaron facilitated leadership and communication seminars, creating extraordinary opportunities for men and women to deepen relationships, accomplish personal goals, and realize their authentic passions. He brings this experience to the unique aspects of generating a healthy organizational culture within a distributed team.

He has presented at numerous conferences on a diverse range of interests and passions including federal procurement, organizational culture, digital strategy, free and open source software and mindfulness.

Aaron lives between Oakland, CA, Washington D.C. and San Mateo, Costa Rica, with his wife Nikki and their two daughters. He is passionate about photography, pugilism, snowboarding, podcasts, and fostering community.