AGL at the 2016 California Technology Forum

By | July 27th, 2016|

Elizabeth Raley is participating in a panel discussion on agile development and government at the California Technology Forum.

CivicActions Values Diversity

By | July 20th, 2016|

For the past few years we've been focused on bringing more diversity to our unique and talented company. For us, the culture of our company is the main reason most of us work here. It's a culture of openness and balance and we're a bunch of fun, loving and passionate people.

An App the Foster Parent System Really Needs: What an Agile Rapid Prototyping Exercise Taught Us

By | July 6th, 2016|

Background In June of 2015, Chris Cairns and other leaders of 18F within the GSA created a seminal Request For Queries (RFQ) in order to qualify some cutting-edge firms to do Agile work for the [...]

CivicActions at Drupal North

By | June 15th, 2016|

CivicActions' Adam Bergstein presents on Accessible Continuous Integration and Porting Modules to Drupal 8 at Drupal North in Montreal.

Join CivicActions at Drupal GovCon 2016

By | June 15th, 2016|

As proud diamond-level sponsors, CivicActions is showing up big this year at Drupal GovCon 2016.

An Open Invitation to Collaborate

By | June 1st, 2016|

CivicActions would like to extend an open invitation to all bidders on the California Health and Human Services Agile Development Pre-Qualified Vendor Pool.

DrupalCon 2016 New Orleans Retrospective

By | May 19th, 2016|

This year’s DrupalCon 2016 in New Orleans was one of the best ‘Cons to date.

One Platform, 18 Organizations, 6 Countries, and 9 Launches

By | May 18th, 2016|

Last month, after a year and a half of work, we launched the first of 18 GlobalNET sites for the Department of Defense’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

A Government Guide to DrupalCon 2016

By | May 5th, 2016|

CivicActions is excited to sponsor what will be another amazing DrupalCon in one of our most favorite cities in America.

Mentoring Google’s Summer of Code Students in Drupal 8

By | April 5th, 2016|

At CivicActions, we promote free and open source software. The Google Summer of Code initiative presents an opportunity to help create new participants and enhance the free software produced by open source development communities. As such, I have agreed to serve as a mentor for several Drupal-based projects.

Introducing Accessible Continuous Integration

By | April 5th, 2016|

It’s time to evolve Continuous Integration beyond technical problem solving into a practice based on serving those we build the tools for. Continuous Integration is ready to undergo the transformation needed for broader adoption, that it may reach its full potential.

Drupal Continuous Integration: Get Hooked Up

By | April 1st, 2016|

Hook Update Deploy Tools Drupal module helps enable modules, revert Features, change configuration settings, provides messaging, logging, exception handling and more.

Stanford Drupal Camp 2016: 10 Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

By | March 31st, 2016|

CivicActions is excited to be both attending and presenting at Stanford Drupal Camp 2016 for the first time on April 1-2, 2016 in Stanford, California. We’ve prepared a list of sessions that we think will be exceptional and you won’t want to miss!

Meet the CivicActions team at LibrePlanet this weekend

By | March 18th, 2016|

CivicActions is proud to sponsor and attend LibrePlanet, the Free Software Foundation's annual conference for people who care about their digital freedoms.

Promoting Personal and Professional Balance: Workplace Culture at CivicActions

By | March 11th, 2016|

At CivicActions, it’s not just about the bottom line: it’s about promoting happy and balanced individuals that make up a community where everyone feels safe, valued, and enjoys working and learning together.

Bringing the U.S. Web Design Standards to Drupal

By | March 2nd, 2016|

Since Drupal powers a large (and growing) number of federal websites, it was a no-brainer for CivicActions to start thinking of how to port the U.S web design standards into Drupal themes. We started planning a CivicActions Labs project to build a Drupal 7 theme based on the styleguide.

An Open Dialogue on Work and Life in a Distributed Team

By | February 24th, 2016|

A group of us at CivicActions recently sat down to hold a frank discussion about life as part of a distributed team. What did each of us find marvelous or fulfilling about this arrangement for our work? In what ways did this arrangement fall far short of marvelous or fulfilling? And how could we, as individuals or a distributed organization as a whole, work to make this arrangement better for everyone?

Top 15 Take-Aways and Reflections from the Mindful Leadership Summit

By | November 25th, 2015|

Recently, Henry and I attended the Mindful Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. This three-day event was attended by more than 750 business leaders focused on cultivating self-awareness, compassion, and authentity. Below are my top take-aways and reflections from the event.

Introducing CivicActions Labs

By | November 19th, 2015|

We’re pleased to announce the launch of CivicActions Labs, an initiative to provide our team with sanctioned time outside of project work to innovate and design products that will streamline our workflow and improve our practices.

On Pondering, and then Walking Away From, Agile-fall

By | November 19th, 2015|

In hybrid "agile-fall" approaches which demand a binding project plan, "agile" loses right off the bat, and never gets to employ the features that make it successful in any meaningful way.

BADCamp 2015: Drupal 8 Innovations Highlight the Event

By | October 27th, 2015|

Peter Sawczynec details his experience presenting at BADCamp 2015.

15 Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at BADCamp 2015

By | October 21st, 2015|

Are you looking forward to BADCamp 2015 as much we are? In addition to being proud sponsors at the Contrib level, CivicActions is also excited to announce several presentations by our own team members.

CivicActions Retreat Reflections: Forging the Future of Government Transformation

By | September 24th, 2015|

The 2015 CivicActions retreat showcased the people, the heart and the spirit of a fiercely innovative technology company that intends to change for the better the U.S. government and all of the people of the world we can touch.

Drupal GovCon 2015 Presentation: Cultivating Extraordinary Culture on Distributed Teams

By | August 11th, 2015|

Culture is the most essential element in building healthy and high-performing teams. A positive work environment makes team members feel appreciated, builds a sense of community, and helps foster overall job satisfaction. However, all too often, company culture is considered an after-thought, and addressed way too late after the "core" business needs are met.

Agile2015 Presentation: Agile White House: How the TechFAR & Digital Services Playbook are Transforming Government

By | August 10th, 2015|

Agile 2015 presentation will help participants understand the history, intentions and key components of TechFAR & Digital Services Playbook, and have a deeper understanding on how to bringing Agile into government agencies.

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