CivicActions is a proud Gold Sponsor of Drupal GovCon 2015, and we’re also fortunate and excited to have several CivicActions team members presenting.

Those looking to connect with fellow civic-minded Drupalistas at this year’s DrupalCon in Los Angeles need not look further than the Civic Lounge!

There is a growing body of neuroscientific evidence that indicates that the human brain's ability to think clearly is reduced when people have heightened anxiety.

Are you interested exploring a mindfulness meditation practice?

Last week was the first episode of AGL Live as part of Agile Government Leadership's newest offering.

Luke Fretwell of GovFresh and I moderated a panel of four Agile practitioners from the federal government: Laura Stanton from GSA; Chris Cairns and Robert Read from 18F; and Son Tran from BBG. The topic was Agile Government 101 and we had many questions from the audience that had us doing a deeper dive into some of the practices, challenges and benefits of Agile.

The Agile Government Leadership group did a tremendous amount of research around what was needed to help government better understand and adopt Agile development practices, and the biggest "ask" was always around awareness and training.

There's a lot of excitement about Drupal 8 and its imminent release. There's also some angst. Yes, Drupal 8 is super slick and full of frameworky, object oriented coolness. The thing is, a lot of people have invested a lot of time learning how to do things in Drupal 7, and the idea of learning how to do things in Drupal 8 can be pretty daunting. This is where Backdrop aims to step in and serve developers and end-users who want to continue doing things mostly the Drupal 7 way, but not fall behind the new technology (or product support) curve.

At CivicActions we are a completely distributed team with clients all around the globe. When I first tell people that I work in this environment, they think one of two things: 1) I can slack off all day lounging in my PJs or 2) that it must be awfully lonely working at home. I am sure that both of those instances can be true in some companies, but not in our case.

Docker has quickly become the favorite virtualization tool for many people including myself. A few months ago we were discussing various technical goals across our project and things started to come together pointing to a basic docker framework to facilitate our development processes.